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Jiangmen Jianghai Nokeci Automation Co., Ltd.

We are a professional enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and production of proximity switches, photoelectric switches, safety light curtains, fiber optic sensors, focusing mirrors, timers, controllers and other automated industrial control products

Various types of sensors produced by the company have been widely used in plastics, light industry, shoe industry, textile, chemical industry, petroleum, tobacco, food, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial machinery equipment and automatic assembly lines for limit, positioning detection, automatic Counting, speed measurement, automatic protection, signal transmission, protection and isolation.


All products of the company are carefully designed and manufactured using imported chips and components. The enterprise always adheres to the business philosophy of "honest development, customer first, quality assurance, professional service". Pay attention to the process details of R&D, production and manufacturing to shape high-quality products, improve the core market competitiveness of products, build the brand position of Nokeci in the industry, pursue customer reputation, and win the trust of customers with the determination to win!


Nokeci has always been committed to all customer service concepts, providing you with cost-effective products is our goal. Whether you are using standard products or custom-made special products, Nokeci is your choice, and our professional service team is at your service anytime, anywhere. We firmly believe that Nokeci Automation will become an important partner of major enterprises.

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