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Sensor has an important role that cannot be ignored

The Chinese sensor market has continued to grow in recent years, with a growth rate of more than 15%. In 2012, the four major areas of China's sensor applications were industrial control, automotive electronics, communication electronics and consumer electronics.

With the advent of the information age, sensors have become the main ways and means for people to obtain information in nature and production. In the process of modern industrial production, especially automated production, various sensors must be used to monitor and control each parameter in the production process, so that the equipment work is in normal or good state, and the product can be achieved. The sensor has a more prominent position.

Today, sensors have long penetrated wide areas such as industrial production, universe development, marine detection, environmental protection, resource survey, medical diagnosis, biological engineering, and even cultural relics protection. It can be seen that the important role of sensor technology in developing economy and promoting social progress is very obvious. Statistics show that the annual operating income of the global intelligent sensor market will increase at a rate of 10 per year, and will reach $ 6.9 billion by 2018. At present, the number of sensor equipment with processors in the world is 65 million units. By 2019, this number will reach 2.8 trillion.