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What are the advantages of capacitive sensors?

Capacitor -type sensors are used as a sensor component with various types of capacitors. The physical quantity or mechanical amount of measurement is changed into a conversion device for changes in electrical capacity. In fact, it is a capacitor with variable parameters. Below, let's take a look at the advantages of capacitive sensors.

1. Good temperature stability

The capacitance value of the capacitor sensor is generally not related to the electrode material, which is conducive to the selection of materials with low temperature coefficients, and because it has a very small heating, it has a small impact. The resistance sensor has copper loss, and it is easy to cause zero drift.

2. Simple structure

The inductive sensor structure is simple, easy to manufacture and ensure high accuracy, and can be done very small to achieve certain special measurements; in the harsh environment such as high temperature, strong radiation and strong magnetic fields, it can withstand a large temperature Change, with high pressure, high impact, overload, etc.; can measure high temperature and low pressure differences, and can also measure magnetic work.

3. Good dynamic response

Due to the small electrostatic gravitation between the electrode plate (about a few 10^(-5) n), the required energy is very small, and because its motion part can be done very small and very thin, that is, the quality It is very light, so its inherent frequency is very high, the dynamic response time is short, and it can work at the frequency of several megs, which is especially suitable for dynamic measurement. And because its medium loss can be powered by high frequency, the system operates high. It can be used to measure parameters of high -speed changes.

4. It can be measured non -contact and high sensitivity

The vibration or eccentricity of the rotating shaft can be measured, and the radial gaps of the small roller bearing. When non -contact measurement is used, capacitive sensors have the average effect, which can reduce the impact of measurement such as the surface roughness of the workpiece on measurement.