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Sensor frequency response characteristics and accuracy

Frequency response characteristics

The frequency response characteristics of the sensor determine the frequency range of the measured frequency, and must be maintained within the allowable frequency range. In fact, the response of the sensor is always -fixed -delay, the shorter the delay time, the better.

The higher the frequency response of the sensor, the wider the measured signal frequency range. In dynamic measurement, the response characteristics should be responded according to the characteristics of the signal (steady -state, transient, random, etc.) to avoid excessive errors.


Accuracy is an important performance indicator of sensors. It is an important part of the measurement accuracy of the entire measurement system. The higher the accuracy of the sensor, the more expensive its price. Therefore, the accuracy of the sensor can only meet the accuracy requirements of the entire measurement system, and you don't have to choose too high. In this way, the cheaper and simple sensor Atlas air compressor accessories can be selected in many sensors that meet the same measurement purpose.

If the measurement goal is qualitative analysis, you can choose a sensor with high repeated accuracy; if it is for quantitative analysis, you must obtain an accurate measurement value, and you need to choose a sensor that can meet the requirements. For some special use occasions, the appropriate sensor cannot be selected, you need to design and make the sensor by yourself. The performance of the self -made sensor should meet the requirements of the use.